Math Detective Beginning



BK-3901 Teaches standards-based math as it develops children's reading, writing, and thinking skills! Based on and meeting all of the NCTM and national math standards, this series of books is an excellent addition to any classroom when you need to teach your students how to analyze and synthesize while at the same time getting them familiar with concepts that are often asked for and required in standardized testing. The approach taken in this book is one that emphasizes analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Ideal supplement for Montessori schools required to participate in standardized testing, and for Montessori home-schooling. This set of materials helps children prepare for the following tests: Stories are age-relevant, high-interest, and show students that math is integral to everyday activities. Table of Contents/Skills INTRODUCTION, NUMBER AND NUMERATION, PATTERNS, OPERATIONS, GEOMETRY, PROBABILITY , STATISTICS, ANSWERS, TEACHER NOTES. Reproducable for one classroom.

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