Reading for Understanding Year 1 (UE)




Each one of the sections contains information and activities for developing a daily CRC, conducting a character analysis, working with a mind map, completing a cause and effect graphic organizer, writing a section summary, analysis, comprehension questions, and creating a story map. 774 pages. AWESOME! Aimed to help students develop an understanding for literature analysis, and reading comprehension in levels 6 through 8. Blackline Master: , Connections and Associations â—¦Education of Little Tree â—¦Sweetgrass â—¦The Outsiders â—¦The Light in the Forest , Explorations and Discoveries â—¦The Slave Dancer â—¦The Right Stuff â—¦The Giver â—¦Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage , Systems and Organizations â—¦The Chocolate War â—¦Cannery Row â—¦The Fixer â—¦Number the Stars , Identity and Character â—¦Kim â—¦Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry â—¦Travels with Charley â—¦Year of Impossible Good-byes , Interdependence and Interconnections â—¦Ishmael â—¦California Blue â—¦The Legacy of Luna

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