Teaching Poetry 6-9




Finally, an effective approach to teaching poetry in Elementary I. We have created a unique approach to teaching poetry that allows the teacher to the freedom necessary without having to worry about their own needs.

The material is designed to meet the CCS standards and each standard is outlined and listed by grade or level. A full manual with teacher lessons on how to present each concept is included, along with an answer key that will allow the students to check their work for any research or analysis questions. 

The Level 6-9 unit includes the following:

  • Introduction lessons
  • Additional resources lists
  • CCS standards by level/grade
  • Teacher and presentation lesson for each concept
  • Answer key
  • 20 Level 1 task cards
  • 20 Level 2 task cards
  • 20 Level 3 task cards
  • 6 METIS cards with fun multimedia to enhance the presentations


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