Geography classified nomenclature



The complete classified nomenclature for geography here is also the most complete set on the market. This set of materials includes the following:

  • Over 700 three part nomenclature cards
  • 30 control charts
  • 25 booklets
This set of nomenclature cards covers everything your students will need to know as they progress through their geography skills. Beginning with the basic concept of "Earth" and moving systematically through the various concepts of air, land, and water formations, these cards are a must have for your classroom. 

Designed so that they may be used for both levels 6-9 and 9-12.

The following is a list of the Control Charts:

GN-1 The Earth

LE-1 The Earth on Which we live

LE-2 The Earth on Which we live (continued)

IF-1 Islands

IF-2 Islands (continued)

CF-1 The Coast and its types

CF-2 The Coast and its types (continued)

LF-1 Types of Coastline Emergence

LF-2 Types of Coastline Emergence (Continued)

MF-1 Relief Formations

MF-2 Relief Formations – Parts of a Mountain

MF-3 Groupings of Mountains

MF-4 Parts of a Chain of Mountains

MF-5 Types of Chain Mountains and their parts

LH-1 Types of Plains

VF-1 Types of Valleys & Their Parts

VF-2 Types of Valleys & their Parts (continued)

HF-1 Parts of the Hydrosphere

GF-1 Basic Concepts of Glaciers

GF-2 Types of Glaciers

GF-3 Parts of Glaciers

GF-4 Types of Crevasses

GF-5 Moraine and types of moraine

RF-1 Water Courses

RF-2 Parts of a River

RF-3 Parts of the Course of a river

DF-1 Types of river mouth

DF-2 The River Basin & its parts

PF-1 Types of pooled water

PF-2 Types of lakes


Geography Classified Nomenclature 

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