Hindu Numeral Overview




Intended for children in level 6 9, this set of materials includes 7 sets of matching cards to lead the children to the formation of Hindu numerals. Ideal for helping students understand how the number system we use today was influenced by the Hindu numeral system. The Hindu numeral system was the first one to use 0 as a place value.
Teacher notes and answers
Names of numerals
Formation of numerals
Greater than; less than overview
Addition of numerals
Subtraction of numerals
Designed to allow for flexibility in thinking and reasoning of mathematical concepts in base 10, as well as reinforce the concepts introduced in the history of numeration. Allows the teacher to lay the foundation for children to work in other bases, while providing the skills necessary to perform and function in other higher level math concepts.
Take a look at our Upper Elementary Math Flow Chart to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori math curriculum.

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