Longer Phonetic Series with Objects




Longer Phonetic Series w Objects. The Blue series; also known as the longer phonetic series. The emphasis here is placed on introducing blends with short vowel words of four or more letters followed by longer words that contain more syllables. This set includes over 35 objects and is designed to be used with the accompanying pictures. 

 The series contains 10 main sections with each section having the following sets of materials:
  • Identification of blended sounds and associations to their symbols:
    • Blending Sorting Strips (Set of 9 strips with three blends in each strip. 
    • Includes 3 corresponding pictures for each blend sound) includes such blends as: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, etc.
  • Beginning Decoding of blends with short vowel words, more than three letters:
    • Object Word Building (38 miniature objects in total) 
    • Picture Word Building (30 pictures to form 5 different groups) 
    • Three Part Card Matching (34 three part card matching) 
    • Object/Label Matching (labels to match 15 objects)
  • Beginning Encoding of blends with short vowel words, more than three letters:
    • Picture/Word Matching (44 pictures) 
    • Puzzle Pictures (36 pictures that form vertical puzzles) 
    • Middle Vowel Sorting Activity (36 frames with picture and beginning and ending sounds) 
    • Word Lists (22 word lists)
  • Encoding of blends with short vowel words, more than three letters:
    • Middle Vowel Substitution (16 frames with each frame containing two words)
  • Reading short vowel, more than three letter words with blends for meaning:
    • Word/Not Word (25 words)
  • Reading phrases and sentences with three-letter, short vowel words with blends for meaning:
    • Phrases to Objects (6 sets of phrases that go with corresponding objects)
  • Reading Secret, short vowel, more than 3 letter words with blends (adjectives and verbs) for meaning:
    • Secret Words (44 words for verbs; 24 words for adjectives)
  • Reading Phrases and sentences with more than 3 letters, short vowel words with blends for meaning:
    • Matching Phrases and Sentences to Pictures (4 sets of 6 sentences that match 6 pictures for each set)
  • Reading more than 3 -letter, short vowel words with blends in sentences, for meaning:
    • Command Cards (8 commands) 
  • Reading sentences with three letter, short vowel words for meaning: 
    • Books (6 books with more than three letter words, blends, and sight words).

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