Short Phonetic Series with Objects



EC-0660A   Short Phonetic Series with Objects. This Pink series is also known as the short phonetic series. The emphasis here is introducing children to words that are constructed from three letters or less which contain short vowel sounds. Contains over 35 objects high quality objects and 6 main sections covering all aspects of the series. Beginning Decoding of three-letter, short vowel words: Object word building; Picture word building; Three Part Card Matching; Beginning Encoding of three-letter, short vowel words: One page book (30 books emphasizing word/picture association); Object/ label matching; Picture/Word Matching; Puzzle Pictures. Encoding of three letters, short vowel words: Middle Vowel Sorting Activity; Word Lists; Middle Vowel Substitution. Reading three-letter, short vowel words for meaning: Word/Not a Word (Sorting Work); Phrases to Objects. Reading secret three-letter, short vowel words (adjectives and verbs) for meaning: Secret Words (32 words for verbs; 12 words for adjectives). Reading phrases and sentences with three-letter, short vowel words for meaning: Matching Phrases and sentences to pictures; Commands (8 command cards); Books (5 books with three letter short vowel words and sight words).


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