Understanding Speeches - Verbal Analysis



ELC-6090 Understanding Speeches - Verbal Analysis. 72 pages. Geared towards advanced upper elementary and middle school students. Each speech is presented and is accompanied by questions that help students analyze the content as well as the message. This is an excellent material when used in a group setting providing ample opportunity for group and Socratic discussion. This kit contains 12 famous speeches: , Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg Address , Martin Luther King (I Have a Dream) , Theodore Roosevelt (Duties of American Citizenship) , Winston Churchill (Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat , Abba Eban (On Yom Kippur War) , Princess Dianna (Does the Community Care?) , Susan B. Anthony (On Womens Right to Vote) , Mahatma Gandhi (On Quitting India) , Golda Meir (Attainment of Peace) , John F. Kennedy (On Space Efforts) , Eleanor Roosevelt (The Struggle for Human Rights) , Chief Seattle (Chief Seattles 1854 Oration).

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